This is Diya, a kinda-awkward kinda-cool teenager writing from India. I’m someone who found solace among books, music, poems and of course, food! 😜. Being a pro introvert, writing became my favourite form of self expression. It really helps me to vent out all my emotions that I otherwise keep bottled inside me.

I’m just a girl with an old soul and a peculiar sense of sarcasm (does that make me weird?), pouring out her pain and pleasure and etching the evidence of her life and existence into a parchment with ink, with the hope that one day, her name doesn’t simply fade away into the oblivion of time. (That came out way more philosophical than I indented it to)

Through this blog of mine, I share with you a small piece of my simple life and all the complicated feelings and emotions attached to it, through poetry. Maybe, you, who’s reading, will find a little piece of yourself in me…

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy!

Some random facts about me because, why not?😉

  • I LOVE Studio Ghibli movies.
  • My favourite books are Six of Crows duology, Rule of Wolves duology (basically, Leigh Bardugo could write literally anything and I’d happily devour it and obsess over it for a lifetime), One of us is lying and The Poppy War.
  • My favourite flowers are sunflowers and peonies.
  • I’m a decent singer and also taught myself how to play keyboard.
  • Music addict.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with morally grey characters.
  • I don’t even know why, but I find the Victorian era really intriguing and would love to go back to that time if I could (you know, if time travel ever becomes possible)
  • I’m a black tea person.
  • I am not a pet person. (I got chased by a dog once okay?!)
  • One of my biggest dreams is to go to a Joe Hisaishi concert and maybe listen to him play ‘merry go round of life’.
  • I’ll be a Ravenpuff
  • I’m scared of butterflies.

My favourite quotes…

Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable, but no flowers grow.

Vincent van Gogh

I hope to arrive to my death late, in love and a little drunk.


A drop of ink, may make a million think.

Lord Byron

Let’s build something together.

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