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No School, Please?

Hello Everyone!!

Happy July!! I can’t believe we’re done with half the year already! (seriously, what did I do this year?) Today is also Jason Grace’s B’day!! Once a Percy Jackson fan, always a Percy Jackson fan *proud smirk*.

Before moving onto the post, I’d like to apologise I wasn’t able to post as frequently as I wished. That’s because I had studies to get done to keep myself afloat from drowning in my never ending curriculum.

Today I bring you a ‘limerick’. This is my first (and only) limerick and I dedicated it to “school”. A limerick is a form of verse which is usually humorous. The first, second and fifth lines rhyme, while the third and fourth lines are shorter and share a different rhyme. Lets say I wrote this on a day when school had me eating my brains out and I was contemplating whether I should act sick to skip classes the next day. (It didn’t work out, anyways).

I hope you like this limerick and that it puts a wide smile on your face!! 🌻💛

No School, Please?

I didn't wanna go to school today,
So acting sick, in my bed I lay.
But when mom denied,
I threw a tantrum and cried,
And now I'm going to school anyway.

21 responses to “No School, Please?”

  1. What a ‘grace’ful poem😁…. (Get it???????) The poem ‘chase’d and brought back my school memories. (I know this comment DOES not make any sense😂!!!)


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